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  1. Kenneth Anderson

    Hi Diana,

    I’m Kenneth Anderson (on the BOD). I’d like to add my ex-wife’s name to the Flowers of the Forest page.

    Ms. Holly Anderson of Alpharetta, GA April, 2017

    Please let me know if you need anything else.

    Thank you,

    1. admin (Post author)

      Hi Kenneth,
      I’ve removed the Flowers of the Forest page from the website because it was not working properly. Perhaps Donna will be publishing a Flowers of the Forest update in the print newsletter, which is really a better place than the website.

      Diana, webmaster

  2. Ellen Bargeron

    Good morning,
    My maternal side is Anderson. My mother grew up in Statesboro, but the offspring of our family have strewn themselves around the world. First cousins and I are planning on attending the Games in Jacksonville, Florida this month on the 23rd ( and were hoping to connect with others of the Anderson Clan there. Alas, there is no indicator of the Clan attending. I do hope that changes and there will be an Anderson Clan table available.

    I would love to join the society, but the Facebook page seems to have political affiliations that are in direct opposition to my commitment to truth, justice, and fairness for all. Please explain what this is about. Thank you.

    1. admin (Post author)

      Hi Ellen,
      I am the volunteer administrator for the website, so I can’t really speak to the Facebook page except as an individual who is a member of the group. I don’t recall seeing political posts in Clan Anderson Society’s FB group, but I’m not on there every day. I’d suggest contacting an admin of the Facebook group to express your concerns. You can do that by going to the group page, and on the desktop version select members, which is on the right side. There you can see the admins for the page and send them a message. Clan Anderson Society is entirely volunteer led and run.

      As for a listing of games/festivals, where Clan Anderson is officially hosting, I am working on adding a calendar to our website right now, and hope that members will begin to contact me to add events where they will be hosting.

      Diana, volunteer webmaster

  3. Jan Dean Sislo

    I am a member of Clan Anderson. I am interested in genealogy research. I would like to possibly make connections with other Andersons who may have common ancestors with me.

    Does Clan Anderson have way that I could view other Anderson online trees or information?

    1. admin (Post author)

      Hi Jean,
      Clan Anderson Society doesn’t currently have a genealogy committee. This is a goal as we’ve had a number of people express interest in making connections. If you’ve done research yourself, you know that there are several sources of Andersons in Scotland geographically — so not a single historical location — which can make the genealogy a bit more challenging.

      If we get to the point that we have enough volunteers to run a genealogy committee we will announce that service on the website and our Facebook page. The Clan is entirely volunteer run at this point, so we do what we can.

      Diana, volunteer webmaster

  4. David Berneil Anderson

    I have not heard from Clan Anderson Society for quite awhile. I need to pay my annual dues. How do I get my account and membership active again.

    1. admin (Post author)

      Hi David,
      You can contact the Clan Anderson secretary, Donna Graves at She should be able to help you.

  5. Bill Boyd FSA Scot

    I am inviting all Scots in the Atlanta, GA area to put on their kilt and join with us at the Fourth of July parade in Marietta, GA. We would like to have representation of Scottish descendants to celebrate the Scottish influence on the founding of America.

    I hope that you would include this invitation in your newsletter inviting all of Clan Anderson. Thank you.

    Bill Boyd FSA Scot

    1. admin (Post author)

      Hi Bill,
      Please contact our newsletter editor who is also our Clan Secretary with this request. Her name is Donna Graves, and her email is She was working on the spring newsletter, so I don’t know whether it will be too late to get it in. I’d also suggest posting it to the Clan Anderson Society Facebook group:

  6. Jane Copher

    Hi! In doing my own personal genealogy through DNA; my biological maternal grandfather (deceased) was an Anderson, and through his line and my DNA results tin correlation to my Scottish heritage. From what little I’ve found; the Andersons were from coastal areas of Scotland. Were we Highlanders? Also I’m unable to find out any info if they played any role in the Jacobites and the battle of Culloden. I live in Indiana where there are many Andersons, and I was also wanting to know where the best Scottish Highland Games would suit my ancestry.

    1. admin (Post author)

      Hi Jane,
      I only maintain the website. I’d suggest joining the Clan Anderson Society Facebook group to ask questions about genealogy.

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