About the Society

As with many Scottish clan societies, Clan Anderson Society (CAS) was born from a desire of Anderson families to preserve their Scottish heritage. The Clan Society is a means to bring together those who bear the Anderson name, descendants of Andersons through either female or male lines, or those with an interest in the Anderson name. The CAS cultivates a spirit of kinship and pride, and provides information about the history, culture, and activities of Andersons. The Society provides a gathering place for all Andersons at various Highland Gatherings and Games.

Herein lies the best part of membership in Clan Anderson: the Anderson tent provides the opportunity for Anderson descendants to meet with and develop strong friendships with other members, and to become part of an extended family of Andersons who share a common heritage and interest.


Since a 1973 huddle at the Grandfather Mountain first aid tent, we Andersons have been meeting at nearby Highland Gatherings and Games: meeting with other Anderson descendants, developing strong friendships with other kinsmen and even other Clans and building an extended family across the continents and oceans. Today, we have expanded our website and have a Facebook group. A more in-depth Anderson Clan history can be found here

Our Officers and Board Members oversee the functions of Clan Anderson Society. Elections to the board and officers takes place every two years at our Annual General meeting, and all paid members may vote and/or serve.

In 1984, the CAS was incorporated in the State of Georgia, United States, and in 1993, the Society requested and achieved 501(c)3 status from the IRS. Membership dues help defray the costs of the newsletter, WE STAND SURE, costs associated with tent sponsorship and the website (past and present).


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