Flowers of the Forest

“And there’s a hand, my trusty fiere!
and gie’s a hand o’ thine!
And we’ll tak’ a right gude-willie waught,
for auld lang syne.”

Robert Burns

Mr. Alan H. Anderson of Sonoma, CA; In 2007
Mr. Albert A. Anderson of Greeneville, TN; November 1994
Mr. Albert H. Anderson of Moylan, PA; December 1991
Mr. Alexander H. Anderson of Pebble Beach, CA; October 2010
Mr. Alister Anderson of Santa Rosa, CA; December 1997
Mr. Allan M. Anderson of Santa Rosa, CA; December 2007
Mr. Andrew W. Anderson of Parkland, FL; December 2016
Mr. Avalon Anderson of Dearborn Heights, MI; June 2007
Mr. Bennett H. Anderson of Memphis, TN; December 2000
Mr. Brawner F. Anderson, Sr. of Pine Mountain, GA; September 2005
Mr. Carroll G. Anderson, Jr. of Highland, IN; January 2015
Mr. Charles A. Anderson, Jr. of Nashville, TN; August 2008
Mr. Charles B. Anderson of East Wenatchee, WA; November 2015
Mr. Charles P. Anderson of Decatur, TN; February 2008
Mr. Chilton V. Anderson of Taos, NM; March 2014
Mr. Creede J. Anderson of Sacramento, CA; October 2004
Mr. David C. Anderson of West Palm Beach, FL; October 2013
Ms. Diana Anderson of Manhattan Beach, CA
Major Don F. Anderson of Maryland; September 2005
Mr. Donald M. Anderson of Anaheim, CA; November 2009
Mr. Donald M. Anderson of Washington, DC; December 2005
Mr. Douglas R. Anderson of Burlingame, CA; June 2002
Mr. E. Wade Anderson of Scottsville, KY; March 2011
Mr. Edmund B. Anderson of Savannah, GA; November 1991
Mr. Edward J. Anderson of Winter Park, FL; June 2009
Ms. Elizabeth N. Anderson of Annapolis, MD; August 1997
Mr. Eugene R. Anderson of Lenoir, NC; November 2013
Ms. Evelyn Anderson of Fort Worth, TX; July 2001
Mr. Francis J. Anderson of Lake Wilson, MN; October 1992
Mr. Fred Anderson of Spring Hill, TN; February 2015
Mr. George C. Anderson of Lakeland, FL; September 2006
Mr. George W. Anderson, Jr. of Pleasanton, CA; November 2015
Mr. Gordon B. Anderson of Newburgh, NY; July 2009
Mr. Gordon C. Anderson of St. Helena, CA; August 2009
Mr. Grady E. Anderson, Jr. of Coldspring, TX; November 2003
Mr. Grover H. Anderson of Williamson, GA; December 2002
Mr. Herbert W. Anderson, Sr. of River Ridge, LA; July 2005
Mr. Hira D. Anderson, Jr. of Petoskey, MI; February 2012
Ms. Holladay H. Anderson of Alpharetta, GA;  April 2017
Mr. Hugh L. Anderson, Jr. of Memphis, TN; October 2012
Mr. J. T. Anderson of Houston, TX; September 2014
Mr. James C. Anderson of Bealeton, VA; February 1995
Mr. James C. Anderson of LaGrange, GA; January 1998
Mr. James F. Anderson, Jr. of Paxton, IL; January 2004
Mr. James F. Anderson of New Orleans, LA; November 2007
Mr. James K. Anderson of Lakewood, OH; February 2017
Mr. James L. Anderson, Sr. of Springfield, PA; Bef. 2011
Mr. James N. Anderson of Mesa, AZ; January 2018
Mr. James R. Anderson of Columbia, SC; June 2006
Reverend James W. Anderson of Saluda, NC; January 2002
Mr. Jerald E. Anderson of Glendale, AZ; November 2015
Mr. John G. Anderson of Lexington, MI; May 1996
Mr. John M. Anderson of Cincinnati, OH; June 1993
Mr. John M. Anderson of Honolulu, HI; February 1987
Mr. John P. Anderson of Cache, OK; September 2002
Mr. John S. Anderson of Purvis, MS; December 2007
Mr. John W. Anderson, Jr. of Branford, CT; July 2011
Mr. Keith C. Anderson of Land O’ Lakes, FL; February 2010
Mr. Kenneth N. Anderson of Katonah, NY; February 2001
Mr. Kenneth W. Anderson
of North Conway, NH; August 2015
Mr. Larry D. Anderson of Winter Park, FL; August 2011
Mr. Laverne E. Anderson of Windsor, CT; May 2012
Mr. Lawrence Anderson of Noank, CT; September 2009
Mr. Lawrence L. Anderson, Jr. of Cheshire, CT; April 2008
Mr. Lewis N. Anderson of Lithia Springs, GA; November 2012
Mr. Lyman A. Anderson of Trenton, MI; February 2006
Mr. Maurice D. Anderson of Oxbow, ME; April 2005
Ms. Nadine W. Anderson of Savannah, GA;  May 2020
Mr. Paul H. Anderson of Bethesda, MD; December 2002
Ms. Pauline H. Anderson of Saratoga Springs, NY; December 2014
Mr. Peter A. Anderson of Rancho Santa Margarita, CA; August 2015
Doctor Raeder R. Anderson of Wagoner, OK; August 2009
Mr. Ray R. Anderson of Circleville, OH; April 1985
Mr. Richard M. Anderson of Mishawaka, IN; August 2000
Mr. Robert B. Anderson, Jr. of Valdosta, GA; December 2007
Mr. Robert B. Anderson of Rockledge, FL; September 2012
Mr. Robert E. Anderson of Pinehurst, NC; May 2013
Mr. Robert J. Anderson of Philedelphia, PA; August 2000
Mr. Robert R. Anderson  of Port Charlotte, FL; June 2010
Colonel Robert “Bob” D. Anderson of Oklahoma City, OK; September 2008
Mr. Tazwell L. Anderson IV of Atlanta, GA; September 2016
Mr. Thomas A. Anderson of Sidney, OH; January 2015
Mr. Thomas B. Anderson of Patson, AZ; March 2010
Mr. Thomas W. Anderson, Sr. of Cincinnati, OH; April 2016
Colonel Thornton J. Anderson of Longwood, FL; February 2017
Mr. Vernon Albert Anderson of Pana, IL; March 1999
Mr. Walter E. Anderson of Melrose, FL; May 2007
Mr. William B. Anderson of Sherrills Ford, NC; August 2011
Mr. William B. Anderson of Kansas City, MO; January 2011
Mr. William C. Anderson of The Village, FL; June 2013
Mr. William E. Anderson of Tulsa, OK; July 1997
Mr. William P. Anderson, Jr. of Madison, MS; December 2008

Mr. Philip J. Andrew of Lafayette, LA; September 2006
Mr. George R. Andrews of Waterville, ME; October 2013
Ms. Ethel P. Arndt of Aurora, CO; Unknown

Ms. Elizabeth A. Baird of Annapolis, MD; September 2015
Mr. Smith C. Banks of Statesboro, GA; May 2010
Ms. Marianna J. Barneyback of Curryville, MO; April 2014
Ms. Lucille Bates of Midway, TX; September 2011
Ms. Joyce A. Bean of Wellington, FL; December 2003
Mr. Ralph A. Bennitt of Augusta, GA; March 1996
Ms. Cathy A. Bohrer of Lawrenceville, GA; December 2015
Mr. William A. Boone of Glencoe, IL; August 2002
Ms. Isobel A. Bowden of Oklahoma City; October 1996
Ms. Gladys L. A. Boykin of Dallas, TX; December 1999
Ms. Frances P. Branch of Fedhaven, FL; March 1999
Mr. George P. Broadwell of Old Greenwich, CT; August 1997
Ms. Eva A. Brook of Paris, TX; December 1993
Mr. Carl A. Brown of Roseville, CA; August 2002
Ms. Flora A. Brown of Winter Park, FL; August 2004
Ms. Hilary Bruwer of Tucson, AZ; In 2006

Ms. Vera A. Carlson of Grantsburg, WI; December 2003
Ms. Winifred A. Carpenter of Fairhaven, MA; March 2012
Ms. Matilda Carruthers of Carson City, NV; July 1997
Ms. Lela A. Chambers of Olean, NY; May 1988
Mr. Ralph R. Chambers of Ischua, NY; July 1998
Ms. Marilyn F. Childress of Knoxville, TN; In 1993
Ms. Jane A. Clark of Newark, NJ; May 2006
Ms. Anne M. Coker of Carmichael, CA; August 1998
Ms. Jane Q. Comer of Moultrie, GA; July 2005
Ms. Ruth A. Cooper of Leesburg, FL; January 2006
Mr. William Courtenay of Bowling Green, KY; June 2006
Ms. Jean R. A. Cuccoli of Malden, MA; December 2011
Mr. Richard D. Culbertson of Fort Worth, TX; June 2014
Mr. James W. Cummings of Alexandria, VA; May 2005
Mr. Joseph E. Cunningham of Roselle, IL; March 1999
Ms. Dorothy A. Cyterski of Erie, PA; February 2014

Ms. Elizabeth Dalton of North Carolina; May 2000
Ms. Barbara L. A. Dew of Ottawa, KS; October 2015
Ms. Shirley G. Dillon of Louisville, KY; August 2006
Ms. Margaret P. Dorsey of Memphis, TN; August 2001
Ms. Winifred D. Drane of Memphis, TN; July 2013
Ms. Melinda A. Dussler of Long Beach, CA; May 2003

Ms. Beverly G. A. Echevarria of Jacksonville, FL; September 2012
Ms. Esther D. A. Edgar of Tracy, CA; June 2010
Ms. Evelyn M. Egnazczak of Hannibal, NY; March 2010
Ms. Martha J. Ellis of Clarcona, FL; December 2014

Mr. Jack B. Feudner of Hopkins, MN; July 1999
Mr. Robert W. Ford of Falls Church, VA; June 2015
Mr. Thomas W. Fore of Chapel Hill, NC; February 2013
Ms. Joanne S. Frye of Charleroi, PA; September 2009
Mr. Stephen M. Frye of Charleroi, PA; September 2009

Ms. Elinor A. A. Gaines of Rochester, MI; June 2003
Mr. Richard R. Gammon of Greenville, NC; January 2004
Ms. Doris A. Gettys of Ava, MO; August 2007
Ms. Martha E. A. Goldsmith of Greenville, SC; November 2011

Mr. Jack H. Harris of Savannah, GA; December 2006
Mr. Richard Hawksby of Rock Hill, SC; July 2016
Ms. Frances M. Hawthorne of Westland, MI; November 1990
Ms. Margaret A. Hay of Troy, AL; August 1999
Ms. Marian A. Hays of Johnson City, TN; August 2013
Mr. Charles J. Headland of Winter Haven, FL; February 2014
Mr. Preston J. Heinle of Glendale, AZ; May 2017
Ms. Gloria R. Henderson of Huntersville, NC; June 2004
Mr. Conway B. Hiden of Lakeland, FL; November 2007
Mr. Brian L. Hinds of Lawrenceville, GA; April 2020
Ms. Lillian R. Higgins
 of Mesa, AZ; November 2002
Ms. Erma P. Hise of Cocoa, FL; January 2017
Mr. Harley I. Hovarter of Indianapolis, IN; September 1996
Ms. Edna R. Huntington of Saint John, IN; February 2001

Mr. Gene L. Jarvis of Savannah, GA; December 2010
Ms. Janis R. Jones of Bothell, WA; June 1999

Ms. Ann P. Kalat of Raleigh, NC; July 1997
Mr. William Kinmartin of Jewett, NY; December 2016
Ms. Virginia D. A. Kraut of Green Lake, WI; August 2005
Ms. Charlene A. Kruse of Marietta, GA; November 2009
Mr. Michael L. Kuykendall of Gastonia, NC; February 2009

Mr. William A. LaBach of Nicholasville, KY; October 2013
Ms. Gayle R. LaRue of Palos Verdes, CA; July 2011
Ms. Vinita T. T. Leake of Atlanta, GA; April 1990
Ms. Martha T. Lee of Bushnell, FL; April 1996
Ms. Margaret L. W. Lester of Knoxville, TN; May 2014
Ms. Margaret R. Levy of Arnprior, Ontario; August 2003
Ms. Lucille “Lucy” Lopp of Lexington, NC; March 2010
Ms. Ava L. A. Lowrie of Prairie Hill, TX; November 2005
Ms. Helyn C. A. Luechauer of Hollywood, CA; September 2016
Mr. John A. Lundstrom of North Reading, MA; September 2013

Mr. Norman H. Mackworth of San Francisco, CA; In 2005
Ms. Mabel A. A. Manz of Austin, TX; April 1998
Ms. Jane Marrow of Concord, MA; May 2006
Ms. E. Lorraine A. Matthews of Mechanicsburg, IL; May 2007
Ms. Henry E. McClanahan of Madison, TN; November 1997
Ms. Edna P. McCleary of York, PA; June 2014
Ms. Genevieve B. McDaniel of Hurricane, WV; August 1991
Ms. Linda McDonald of Memphis, TN; October 2012
Ms. Jean A. McGrath of Kenmore, NY; August 2004
Ms. Matthew McKinney of Brookville, PA; December 1992
Ms. Helen L. McMillan of Traverse City, MI; January 2001
Mr. Addison O. Miller of Alderson, WV; January 2017
Mr. Keith C. Miller of Stanwood, MI; May 2010
Mr. James H. Mozley of Seneca, SC; January 1993
Mr. Jerold A. Mulloy of Bryant, AR; June 2006

Mr. Dennis V. Nave of Signal Mountain, TN; September 2005

Mr. Wendell P. Parker of Harsens Island, MI; December 2003
Ms. Dorothy E. Pflug of Stockton, CA; March 2014
Mr. George J. Pirie of Jamesburg, NJ; March 2009
Ms. Norma L. Pourchot of Oxford, WI; September 2016
Ms. Patsy L. Price of Mason, WV; October 2007

Ms. Nan A. Rame’ of West Caldwell, NJ; January 2015
Ms. Ruth D. Ramhurst of Abbeville, SC; July 2005
Mr. Donn K. Roberts of North Olmstead, OH; January 2016
Mr. Owen M. Roberts, Jr. of Athens, GA; February 2000
Ms. Elizabeth J. Rollberg of Ormond Beach, FL; January 1995
Mr. P. Wayne Rose of Salem, OR; November 2007
Reverend David A. Rowand of Lakeland, FL; January 2014
Ms. Ellen A. Ryder of Florida; May 2008
Ms. Betty A. Rye of Memphis, TN; January 2014

Mr. Robert Sammons of Orr’s Island, ME; January 2014
Ms. Kathryn E. Scheier of Sharon, MA; June 2008
Ms. Anita “Honey” S. A. W. Scott of Sand Springs, OK; December 2010
Mr. Norman M. Shved of Savannah, GA; November 2007
Ms. Jeannette A. Smith of Simsbury, CT; August 2000
Mr. Henry d. Southerland, Jr. of Birmingham, AL; April 2009
Ms. Wilma R. Sowle of Lansing, MI; January 2000
Ms. Doris A. Sponza of Wilton, CT; Janaury 2011
Mr. Arthur J. Stanley of Leavenworth, KS; January 2001
Ms. Shirley D. A. Strangis of Linesville, PA; November 2009
Mr. Charles F. Sutton of Seagrove Beach, FL; December 2010

Mr. Charles E. Tucker of Austin, TX; August 1996

Mr. Ralph O. Vincent of Sterling, KS; March 1998
Ms. Ellane A. Vreeland of Raleigh, NC; February 1995

Mr. Carl I. Walker of Vancouver, British Columbia; May 2002
Ms. Dorothy C. Wallace of Savannah, GA; April 2015
Ms. Betty A. Waller of Fayetteville, GA; September 2008
Ms. Mary B. Weaver of Cornelius, NC; March 2001
Mr. Lovat A. Wilkins of Athens, GA; March 2007
Mr. E. Lynn Wilkinson of Kennebunk, ME; November 2011
Ms. Erin F. Willard of Jacksonville, FL; April 2015
Ms. Mary E. A. Worsham of Munford, AL; September 2013
Ms. Louise H. Wright of Clinton, KY; June 2007
Ms. Margaret Wright of Laguna Beach, CA; August 2001

Ms. Sally H. Zirkle of Santa Rosa, CA; October 2007