New beginnings

Well it’s a bit rough and most of the pages do not yet have information but welcome to our new home.  I want to thank the website administrators that came before.  It was through the old website that I tracked down Wesley and stumbled into this new family. I wish that I could travel more so that I could meet more of you face to face.  Those that I have met so far, I have thoroughly enjoyed. That said, keep an eye on this page.  As I have time, we will be updating all of the pages with more and more information, as well as, making tweaks here and there.

Off to the right, you should see a subscription box… SIGN UP!!!! You will get updates each and every time the site has something new added. We also have a facebook group in the works, a Twitter account and an Instagram account.  The latter two you should be able to find under… CASLTD73. CONNECT with us. COMMISSERATE. TAKE lots of pictures!

The newsletter for July and August will come out soon.  been a little preoccupied.  Oops!  But hey, when is it not a week or so late.  haha!

Coming soon to this site… a genuine store with really awesome merchandise just for us.  I’ve seen it, smelled it, fondled it. It’s all really cool, thanks to House of Tartan. The bonus is that a commission is made on the purchase of products and this goes to our Society to help us keep doing what we are doing.


In the meantime, mind the construction (as they say)!

p.s. You shouldn’t have to be a “WordPress” member to subscribe and get updates or view the site. This place is completely open to the public.